Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Junior year has come to an end..

Welp! Today was my last day of school as a Junior! Exciting, terrifying, saddening; all mixed into one. 
My summer will probably consist of this: Writing. Reading. Eating. Tanning. Swimming. Music. Family. Friends.
One thing I plan for this summer is to write at least one letter a day, if not more, to a certain someone. They mean a lot to me and I want to share all of it with them, since I won't be able to see or talk to them every day. 
I hate saying goodbye. And yes, it is something I truly hate. They never end well, and I can't stand that.  I mainly hate them because I don't know when I'll be able to actually see that person again. =/
Tomorrow one of my little sisters graduates from 6th grade.  So my morning will be spent watching that. 
My Grandma is up for it also.  So after that we get to have a family lunch.  
Ohio in 2 days.
Iowa in 4 days.
Missions Trip to Baltimore in 25 days.
Excitement just wants to burst out of my body!
I'm so ready to say goodbye to good 'ole Coudy for a bit!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

May 26, 2012

Saturday, May 26, 2012
Last night I got to spend time with a family that means so much to me.  It was enjoyable and fun.  I just wish good things didn't have to come to an end so soon.  I feel like that family has done so much for me, which I guess that could be why I felt obliged to help them with cleaning their house and taking care of the animals.
We held a 5K at my church today.  We're fundraising for the missions trips that some of the kids at my youth group, including me, are going on the end of June.  I'm really excited about that.  I feel like it's going to be a really good experience.  I think it's something that the teens here could really use.
I can't stop thinking about this boy.  He hasn't left my mind since I woke up this morning.  But that's just talking about today.  He actually never leaves my mind.  I constantly think about the guy, and some people probably think I'm crazy for letting that happen.  I guess it just makes me realize how much he means to me, which is a whole lot.
Two and a half days left of this school year, then I'm a senior.. it's kind of scary, if you ask me.  I'm ready to graduate, but at the same time; I'm not.  I know that I will definitely miss my years in high school.  All the friends, sleepovers, teachers, projects, just not the drama.  It has all given me so many good memories.  And I'm pretty sure I will never forget any of them.
Well, summer is 5 days away.  My Ohio trip is 6 days away.  And my Iowa trip is 8 days away.  My missions trip is 29 days away.  It's all so close. Yet so far away, all at the same time.  But I am still definitely looking forward to everything I can experience this summer.  It's time for some memory making this year.

Monday, May 21, 2012

That weird feeling...

May 21, 2012
Today has been…weird.  I’m pretty sure I think too much, though.  That’s the main cause of quite a bit of things.  I mean, to me it feels like I’m bipolar.  I’m perfectly content with my life one minute, then the next I just want to scream because I’m so upset.  Yet I can never actually explain what is upsetting me.  It’s strange.  And people these days, ugh!  I do the best I can with everything I do.  But sometimes people can just get to me with the slightest things they say.  I try so hard not to let things bother me, but sometimes it can just truly not be helped one bit.  I know this isn’t a lot of writing for today, but it’s late and I’m exhausted.  More tomorrow.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Life in three paragraphs.

I know I can never change my past.  Yet somehow, I am kind of okay with that, but only to a certain extent.  There are still those certain things that I just wish I could go back and change.  I believe that I always will want to.  I can’t help but think of the “what if’s” in life.  They are constantly haunting people.  Isn’t that life, though; the act of wanting to change all the mistakes that you made in the past?  Every person hopes for that wish at some point in their life.  That’s only because every human being makes mistakes.  We all have issues, problems, fears, hopes, dreams.  The issue is this: we won’t go far enough to fix things, reach for our dreams, and overcome our fears.  All we choose to do is talk about them, complain about them.  Is that really ever going to help us make it far in life?  What would this world be like if we all worked together, even for just one day?  Could we really make a big impact on the world?  Could we change the way people treat each other? 

Why don’t we, as people, ever reach for things in life?  I mean, life is short as it is, why put things off to another day?  We have right now.  That is truly all we can be completely sure about.  We don’t know if tomorrow will ever come, let alone next week or next year.  Life is this absolutely beautiful thing that we take for granted daily.  Why not stop that?  It takes one person, just one, to stand up against the world and make a change for just themselves.  You reach for one of your goals every day and you can change the way you live.  It wouldn’t be that hard if we actually put forth a good effort.

There are quite a few things I have learned about life this past year.  What effort you put forth, is exactly what result you are going to get back.  Every little choice that you make has a consequence, whether good or bad. God is the only person that you are ever going to be able to completely trust, he is the only person that will truly never let you down.  Now, why is it that we have trouble believing and understanding these things?  I mean, they’re just simple words.  Simple words put together to make complex sentences.  Complex doesn’t always mean bad.  Complex can sometimes mean it’s true, but you’re just going to have trouble admitting to the truth.  Everyone does, it’s the way life is.