Wednesday, February 29, 2012


At my school we have a book club. The book club goes to a book competition, usually twice a year, I think. This is the first year that I joined it. We have to read five books in order to attend a competition. The book below, Wintergirls, is the third book that I have read. I actually just finished it about an hour ago.

This book is about two girls, Lia and Cassie.  The girls were once best friends, and were now not talking at all. Right in the opening chapter Lia finds out that Cassie has died. At this point no one really knows how, just that it happened in a motel room.  The two girls both dealt with eating disorders, cutting, and feeling lost all the time.  Lia meets a guy named Elijah, and they become pretty good friends.  He saw and talked with Cassie the night she died and had a message for Lia.  Cassie had called Lia 33 times before she died.  Throughout the book she is haunted by Cassie.  Lia would do anything to rid of Cassie and to weight only 95 pounds.  She does everything possible to lose weight without people noticing.  Constant fighting with her mom, dad and step mom doesn't help her situation at all.  One day, her stepsister Emma finds her cutting herself from her neck down past her ribs.  She ends up in the hospital but only gets stitched up and food in her to make her a good weight again.  She is sent to live with her mom, which she hates the idea of.  After an appointment with her psychotherapist, she gets a cab and goes to see Elijah.  She is able to convince him to let her leave town with him.  Little does she know, that the next morning he would be gone already.  He knew he couldn't take her away from her family.  She took sleeping pills and stayed at the hotel for days. 
To find the rest out, you must read the book (:

Here are a two of my favorite excerpts from the book that really hit me:

"When you're alive, people can hurt you. It's easier to crawl into a bone cage or a snowdrift of confusions. It's easier to lock everybody out. But it's a lie."

"There is no magic cure, no making it all go away forever. There are only small steps upward; an easier day, an unexpected laugh, a mirror that doesn't matter anymore."

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