Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lasting impacts.

Do you know how easy it is for someone to make an impact on your life? How fast it can actually happen? Well I just found out. We held a surprise 16th birthday party for my best friend, Emily. I met her "Grandpa" Joe. He isn't her actual grandpa, but she calls him that. He was absolutely amazing. Such a loving gentleman. Within minutes of first meeting him he was already picking on me and making me laugh. And I don't mean for any of this to make him seem like a creep. Because he is far from that. By the end of the night I was calling him Grandpa Joe too. We are all going to a Laura Story concert in about two weeks, my best friends family, her, Grandpa Joe and his wife and I. I really can't wait. He is a wonderful Christian man. I love him. Within the three hours I was around him, I felt like he was family. His wife loved me too. And he told me he loved me at the end of the night. They invited me to visit their church and I'm super excited to.

Anyways, don't even take advantage of the new people you may meet or encounter in your life. You never know when one of them is going to make a lasting impact and stay in your life for years to come.

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  1. Haha! I told you! Kelly, I love you so much! Pick a weekend. Your coming to church with me(: