Friday, March 2, 2012


Ever sit and think about life?
You know, just the little things in life?
What you're gonna wear tomorrow?
What you should do over the weekend?
What type of lunch or supper you should make or eat?
What about the more important things in life?
Ever think about those?
Well, I do. That's for sure.
There's nothing I can do to get away from constantly thinking.
It's pretty much impossible.
I think one of my issues is that I do think too much. About everything.
I always fear that maybe I said the wrong thing to the wrong person at the wrong time.
I replay conversations in my head; day after day.
I constantly worry that people are upset with me.
I always wonder "Why?". Nothing specific. Just "Why?".
If I have one skill in life it's thinking and worrying.
But you know, maybe that's what causes some issues in my life...

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  1. You totally stole my set up and bio!!!. :p haha. But Thats okay. Its cute. I love you so much(: Also, this post makes me think. >.<