Thursday, March 1, 2012

New York City

New York City!! That was probably one of my most favorite trips! Absolutely loved it. Although, I wasn't very big on the way people act. I love the scenery and the atmosphere. It was a lovely place to take pictures. Anyways! This weekend my high school presents their musical. I'm nervous =/ I was supposed to be stage manage it for the fifth year in a row. But, sadly, I had to quit. After the car accident I just wasn't able to keep up with practices and everything. So this year they are doing it without me. We got a preview of it today, it could be a lot better. Back stage is having major issues, which sucks for them. They have four seventh grade girls trying to do everything. Ugh! Sometimes I wish I could just go back and help them! They desperately need it!! Well, enjoy the pictures I took in NYC!! (: Hope you have a good Thursday!!

Statue of Liberty. 

New York City (:


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