Monday, March 5, 2012

That boy (:

So, It's Monday!! Now, normally Monday's are everyone's bad days. Mainly due to the fact that it starts off the week. Like many other's, my Monday started off not so great. Some teachers decided to be jerks and others were just plain stupid and ignorant. But! Then I had my two practices after school. One was for IU9 Band. The other was for show choir. But there is this guy, yes it's all about a guy. I have liked him for years now. The good part? He likes me back (: He is in the band with me. And he is also my dance partner for Show Choir. So, we had the privilege of dancing together again today! It was amazing. I don't really know how else to explain it. The way I felt in his arms the whole time. And the way he looked into my eyes at that one part of the dance. Ahhh! It's like heaven! For one move we have to grab hands, do this little lean thing backwards. Then we both pull forward. Meanwhile we both let go with one hand. He puts a hand on my waist and I put one on his chest. You sing to each, so looking into each others eyes, look out to audience then do a spin to end the song. IT WAS AMAZING!! Normally I can't hold a gaze for longer than three seconds with anyone before it gets awkward. But it's different with him. I could lock eyes with him for hours... (sigh) well, I hope everyone had a good-ending Monday like me!! Night!

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